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Palafox Computers is a local Pensacola based computer sales and repair company. We specialize in selling used Apple laptops and desktops. We sell all brands of laptops including Apple, Dell, IBM, Toshiba, Sony, HP and Compaq. Most of our laptops are off lease units acquired from large corporations that are upgrading their computers. We buy these computers in bulk, test them to ensure they work properly, make any repairs, and install fresh software and resell them to the public.

Palafox Computers believes that refurbishing and renewing used electronics we can contribute to a cleaner and more efficient society. We recycle all of our unused parts and work very diligently to waste nothing. Palafox Computers has a rigorous testing process that includes testing all the components of a computer in an effort to ensure the computer is in perfect 100% working order. We do not sell laptops that are not in perfect operational condition.

Palafox Computers is conveniently located in downtown Pensacola. We specialize in computer sales and service for used Apple laptops and desktops, and Windows based computers. We believe in refurbishing and renewing used electronics, contributing to a cleaner and more efficient community, recycling our unused parts, and working very diligently to bring you the best prices possible.

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