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Is Your iMac Giving You Trouble? We Can Help.

We repair hundreds of iMac’s every month. Just bring your iMac into Palafox Computers and we’ll get your iMac repair underway. We don’t need any power cords, keyboards, or mice. Just bring the iMac by itself. We will get your basic contact info and have you describe the reason you are bringing in your iMac. Just tell us what the computer is doing or not doing.

Depending on how busy we are at the time, we will get back to you will a full diagnosis or your issues and possibly some things you weren’t aware of. We will explain to you what is wrong with your computer, what it means to you, and what we can do to make the computer work for your needs and budget.

Every person’s computer is unique just like them. There isn’t one magical fix for all computers. We look at what you use the computer for and how you use the computer. We then try to tailor the repair or service toward your needs and wants. Once we both have come up with a good solution for your computer, we will get back to work and try to get it back to ASAP. Once the computer is completely finished, we will call and text you letting you know your computer is ready for pick up.

Most repairs take 1-3 days and cost between $85 and $295.

Reasons to bring your iMac in for repair:

  • Slowness

  • Spinning color wheel or ‘Beachball’

  • Turns off on its own

  • Doesn’t turn on

  • Computer turns on but screen doesn’t light up

  • iMac is completely unresponsive

  • Not enough storage or space

  • Lines or distortion on the screen

  • Stuck at the apple logo with loading bar or wheel

  • Fans are really loud

  • Runs hotter than normal

  • Doesn’t wake up from sleep

  • Ram upgrade

  • Pop-ups

  • Malware/Junkware

Typical iMac Repairs:

  • Hard Drive

  • Power Supply

  • Ram Upgrade

  • LCD

  • Inverter

  • LCD cables

  • Fans

  • Graphics cards

  • Stands

  • LCD glass

  • Solid State Hard drives

  • Fusion Drive

  • Speakers

  • Wireless

  • Malware Clean

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