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Water Damage Repair

We Offer a Liquid Spill Cleanup Service!

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Let’s describe a typical situation many people are all too familiar with:

Imagine having just poured yourself a hot coffee, sitting down at your computer to do some work… and it happens. The dreaded coffee spill, all over your keyboard, all over your work, and you forgot to backup your files!

Never fear, it happens to all of us. The first thing to do is power off the computer and turn it upside down, the second thing is to bring it to Palafox Computers for our famous Liquid Spill Cleanup Service!

The Sooner We Can Get the Computer Cleaned Up, The Better!

Laptops with water damage or liquid spills are one of the most common repairs we do at Palafox Computers. We get several in for repair daily.

Liquid and electronics don’t mix. When liquid gets inside a computer, it quickly begins to corrode the precious metals inside, which stops the flow of electricity. This causes all sorts of crazy issues. Perhaps now the screen is black, maybe the keyboard doesn’t work, the trackpad is erratic, or maybe the computer is completely unresponsive.

Our Liquid Damage System

We have a system in place to remedy all of these issues. First, we disassemble the entire computer and thoroughly inspect and clean it. Our goal is to clean up all the liquid to prevent more corrosion and mitigate any damage done.

Ideally, once all the liquid is cleaned up, the computer will be back to normal and function as it should. Often times, however, the computer will need additional repairs and parts. The liquid spill cleanup service allows us to get the computer back to square one, and proceed with the repair.

“Is My Data Safe?”

Most customers number one concern is the data. Is my data safe? Is it recoverable? The answer to this is normally YES. We have a very high success rate of recovering data from liquid spilled computer.

Once the computer is all cleaned and diagnosed, we will call the customer and talk about all the options.

The goal is always to clean the computer so that its works perfectly with no additional costs.

Unfortunately, that is not always the case.

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